Experience | Philosophy | Assurance

After 28 years as a camera operator including jibs, aerial and underwater work, being a Steadicam operator working in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas and the Southwest United States is by far the most interesting and rewarding. The options and solutions for creative camera technique and vision as a Steadicam operator are virtually unlimited.

The best assurance I can give you for your project is a 100% no-fail record in 28 years as a camera operator working with some of the largest and occasionally most demanding clients on the planet. I’ve never missed a deadline or a call time and I’m not going to make you my first. Whether it’s Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the United States, Mexico or any other location on the planet, you can count on me to have a great attitude and plenty of energy from sun up to sun down or sun down to sun up.

Formal Steadicam Training | Continued Education

As with every aspect of my career as a specialty camera operator, I’ve realized the value in formal training with the innovators and leaders in each specialty, and Steadicam is no different. I’ve traveled from Los Angeles and Las Vegas from one coast to the other in the United States and have received extensive hands-on training in Steadicam operation including high, low and long mode operating; dynamic balancing; inertial control and augmentation; safety procedures; vehicle mounts, ATV mounts, dolly mounts and other wheeled/mobile mounting from some of the best Steadicam operators in the United States if not the world.

My first formal training as a Steadicam Operator was a workshop in Hollywood, California taught by Peter Abraham from The Steadicam Workshops www.thesteadicamworkshops.com sponsored by Tiffen. The Tiffen Company is the current manufacturer of the Steadicam camera stabilization system. Since then, Peter has been a great supporter and mentor, not to mention an inspiration and a wonderful friend.

My most intensive and varied training to-date has been through the Steadicam Operators Association at a week-long workshop in Pennsylvania. Our lead instructor was Jerry Holway, Steadicam operator and co-inventor of the current new Steadicam systems. The list of instructors included other well-known Steadicam owner/operators such as, Laurie Hayball, Mike O’Shea, Jay Kilroy, Alan Mehlbrech and guest operators including Peter Abraham and Chris Konash. The icing on the cake was an evening and day with Garrett Brown, Steadicam Operator and inventor of the Steadicam.

We trained on a wide range of current and past Steadicam rigs, including the new Ultra 2 series. The Steadicam is incredibly versatile and we put that to test by training and operating from virtually every platform you can imagine, including camera crane step-offs, ATV’s, vehicles and even small wheelchair chariots. We trained on stairs, walls, uneven terrain and anything else the instructors could “test/torture” us with. The workshop culminated where each Steadicam operator was tested with a “Steadicam Operators Grand Prix” test shot comprised of as many combined techniques as possible. The test shot was recorded and we were also taped shooting the shot for review and feedback afterward.

Dedication | Flexibility | Creativity | Peace Of Mind

The Steadicam is truly a magical tool for storytelling and filmmaking and as you can see it has become a passion, if not a pure obsession for me. When I’m not shooting on-location, I practice throughout the week on my own “obstacle course” at my Las Vegas home where I’ve built steps, stairs, spots, lines and paper plate actors (who always hit their marks).

I fully understand the demands of time and budget on Producers, Directors and DPs and am almost always able to work within any reasonable budget and schedule. Me fees as a Steadicam Operator are based on my day rate plus equipment / kit rental.

Robert Starling Steadicam Owner Operator, Post Office Box 370429, Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
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